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Getting to Business with the Women working in XR

Are you in GTA this Tuesday?

I (Joanne-Aśka) will take part in a panel “Getting to Business with the Women working in XR”, hosted by Julie Smithson as a part of Cascon Evoke Conference. Here you can find more info:

Julie Smithson - (Moderator) - co-Founder of XR Ignite & MetaVRse working to democratize education using XR technologies

Tiffany Lam - Director of Operations of New Technology & Media and Director of 360 Video / VR / AR projects at Patio Interactive.

Chrissy Gow - Founder of AccessAR, helping brands, agencies and event marketers easily integrate augmented reality lenses and filters into all of their marketing campaigns across Snapchat, Instagram Facebook, TikTok and the web.

Sophie Howe - Founder of Xesto - building a spatial computing platform to make computers and cellphones more spatially aware

Joanne Aśka-Popińska - Virtual Reality Producer working with Volumetric Capture Video at Tribe of Pan

Julie invited four women who run VR, AR or XR companies to talk about their paths in this quite demanding industry and to talk to our experiences specifically as women.

I am very glad to be part of this panel, as we see that XR industry has both some amazing opportunities and we see quite a lot of women-led companies in the field, but still there is not enough female voices heard out loud. Just check some of the conferences line-ups.

It is great to see 5 women talking business - very much can’t wait to be there!

There is also couple other interesting XR talks and panels at the conference, so be sure to check their schedule:

- Joanne


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