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The Choice at VIFF Immersed 2020

It's a great pleasure to let you know that we will be presenting about The Choice at VIFF Immersed - Volumetric Market this year. We will be sharing the progress since last year's edition, as we are getting closer to the official premiere. Yay!

Here is more information about the detailed schedule: VIFF IMMERSED 2020

Our presentation is a part of a bigger "One Year After: VIFF Immersed 2019 Throwback".

You will also hear from creators of "Ex Corpus "- Tristan Cezair, Andrew Macdonald, "Wallada" - Nathalie Mathe, "1991" - Akmyrat Tuyliyev, "Samsara" - Tobias Chen, "The 100%" - Andrew Cochrane, Brandon Zamel.

Can't wait to hear where they are with their work! And I very much wish we could all meet in person again, hopefully sometime in 2021.

The event is full of great talks and new XR projects will pitch like we were pitching last year. It's great that this year is full-on focused on the volumetric projects.

As Tribe of Pan, I (Joanne) and Tom C. Hall were invited by Kaleidoscope to curate this event and took part in selecting these projects. Yes, I do have some favorites, and keeping my fingers crossed for them! Some great ways of pushing the volumetric and XR storytelling there. Truly fascinating days are coming for the XR creative folks.

You will also hear the newest industry information and take part in panels by XR creators.

Day 1

The topics, amongst others, are Spatial communications and 3D stories, Lessons from a decade of Volumetric Capture, Spatial Storytelling (tune in to hear Asad Malik, creator of Terminal 3 and our consultant on The Choice - we are so grateful to have Asad advising us when we are designing our interactive story!).

Day 2

I am very much waiting for the session on and by Indigenous XR creators, and Volumetric production and distribution. We are deep in The Choice production these days and learning about distribution is what we very much are into now.

Now, some information where and how to watch - from the organizer's website:

The panels and presentations will be streamed, live on Kaleidoscope’s Youtube channel on September 28–29. We will send a link to those who register closer to the date of the event with further instructions on how to access the presentations.

The sixteen volumetric films will be exhibited on the Museum of Other Realities, which you can download the application on Steam here, on Oculus here, and on Viveport here (US$19.99).

What are the costs?

It is free to register and attend the VIFF Immersed Volumetric Market sessions on September 28–29.

The Museum of Other Realities app requires a US$19.99 fee for purchase. VIFF Immersed content within the app is free to access.

For more information, please visit this website.

Hope to see you there, very much can't wait to share some great news about The Choice!


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