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Our Talk and Demo Booth @ GDC 2019

As we've already announced, we are super excited that Tribe of Pan Co-Founders Joanne-Aśka & Tom will be speaking at VRDC on March 18th! We will both be talking about our VR documentary project The Choice VR and also about the S3DD volumetric capture system we developed for it. Our session is on Monday, March 18th, Room 202, South Hall Moscone Centre.


About The Session

Documentary film is an art-form as old as cinema itself. It continues to evolve as technology pushes visual media into new frontiers. 'The Choice VR' (in-development) is an immersive volumetric documentary exploring the diverse reasons people choose to have an abortion.

Originally conceived as a traditional film, the advent of consumer virtual reality presented opportunities to fundamentally change the relationship a viewer can have with the subject matter. While balancing the finite resources of a documentary art project, the scope grew from a simple 360 video into an internally developed stereoscopic volumetric 6-DOF capture process. Leveraging “person presence” over traditional world presence, the volumetric subjects break down the abstract barriers between them and the viewer in a way never before possible.

During this talk, Director Joanne-Aska Popinska and Producer Tom C. Hall will cover how as filmmakers they are approaching the on-going challenges of adapting documentary into the virtual realm, using technology, documentary traditions, dynamic narratives and guerrilla filmmaking ingenuity.


Attendees will hear how having creative goals can sometimes drive a project towards different technologies, but by having a clear focus of the narrative perspective you can concentrate on what’s needed instead of the unaffordable, gimmicky or impossible. The talk will cover affordable options for volumetric video that makes it possible to capture real people in a way that can be emotionally impactful.

Intended Audience

Recommended for filmmakers, AR/VR creators, visual artists and others who want to adapt volumetric video, game engine technology and interactive storytelling for creating life-like, emotionally impactive experiences.


We are also happy to announce that we will be be showcasing our S3DD volumetric video demo & The Choice VR demo at the Canada Booth (N3136) on Wednesday March 20th between 14:00 and 16:00. Come visit and say hi!

We will be at GDC all week, so if you around you can reach us through our email or through twitter @JoanneAska & @Tom_C_Hall & @tribeofpan

See you there!

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