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Back from Indonesia!

The Tribe of Pan team headed across the globe to help out our good friend and colleague Christian Kroitor, of True Frame Productions on a new IMAX art film called XL Outer Worlds.

"XL Outer Worlds is five new large-format digital film shorts in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the invention of IMAX. The theme for the commissioned program is in keeping with the cinematic genre typical of IMAX films: the larger-than-life landscape that forms an outer world. Participating Canadian media artists include: Oliver Husain, Lisa Jackson, Kelly Richardson, Michael Snow, and Leila Sujir. XL-Outer Worlds will result in a three-day Festival Celebration in 2019 at the Cinesphere, the world's first permanent IMAX movie theatre located in Toronto at Ontario Place. This festival will showcase the commissioned films celebrating the invention of IMAX, alongside curated programs of early IMAX films, and contemporary expanded cinema. The XL-Outer Worlds festival will later tour the first IMAX cinemas across Canada in Victoria, Sudbury, Edmonton and Montreal."

Tribe of Pan provided critical technical on set support for the large format stereoscopic camera systems used to film this short film segment of the XL project. It was a very small crew with a fantastic local team that really helped get the shoot done in the very tight schedule. It was a team effort lugging around 120 pounds of camera in the hot Jakarta weather!

After the shoot was concluded, Joanne-Aśka and I then left Java to head to Borneo, where we spent several days in Tanjung Puting National park doing research and pre-production on a future documentary project. We definitely look forward to getting back there very soon!

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